We dream of building a new town, and here's how we plan to do it:




Food security

We are building a communal dinner area where we can provide daily food for everyone. We are developing nutritional workshops to teach parents what to feed their children, how to cook food properly, and how to have good hygiene habits.


We need to build a library and fill it with books and computers. Create a program to teach adults and seniors how to write in Spanish, and teach them how to use this new technology.

Economic development

We need to train them on how to use the natural resources around them for their sustainability. We have a ‘grow your garden program’ for parents and kids. We also encourage young and single women to learn how to generate income for their families ‘Single Mother’s Program’ helps them to keep creating wood handcrafts  and sell them in the market.

Recreational component

We need to build a park and a soccer field to encourage recreation and a sports team oriented culture.


We need to teach them how to recycle and how to take care of the natural resources around them. We need to secure better access to clean water and construct a sewage and sanitary system.

dignity + mental health

This is to restore values and human rights. Help us promote gender equality. 


We need to build a health station for emergencies and monthly journeys to the local hospital. We need to provide vaccinations and medicines to the entire population. We need to train leaders of each family to be able to handle emergencies and provide first aid.



We need to help create infrastructure in this area. Safer shelters where they can live with dignity. Road security and paving so they aren’t trapped when winter ( rain) blocks the road and there’s no way out. A school where kids have the appropriate space and tools to develop their knowledge.