If we help this generation, the next one will have a better future.


Our Mission

Fundacion Si Se Puede helps underprivileged families from Altamira in Colombia break the cycle of poverty and escape violence. Our efforts are composed of both short and long term goals to help those in need. Our primary focuses are education and spiritual balance, since they are the long-term key to empowering families to overcome their hardships. We also provide food, water, clothing and anything else to help them fight their short-term battles. Dignity is as essential to success and self-sufficiency as water is to survival.

These families dream about having a role in society; there are mothers who want to be entrepreneurs, fathers who want to provide for their children, and children who want to learn. They have been excluded from the rest of the country due to years of violence and banished to unknown territories, where their labor and skills have no use. They can however, contribute to society if we support them along this journey.  

We embrace a community-based approach. Nothing can be achieved, without the effort of the entire community. We remain deeply involved in the lives of those we help in order to create the greatest possible impact. When we improve the lives of the people in Altamira, we improve the lives of all the people in the region - prosperity begets prosperity.


Fundacion Si Se Puede was created 9 years ago when its founder, Yolanda Miranda, was volunteering as a full time teacher for an internado, a type of boarding school/orphanage that is ran by local nuns. Many of these children were sent to the internado because their families could not support them, and are forced to send them here. A little girl never stopped crying because she missed her mother and hadn't seen her in months. Yolanda did not understand why she was unable to see her family, so she went to Altamira. Once she arrived she finally understood why the little girl couldn’t see her mother.  

Fundacion Si Se Puede is committed to working alongside the people of Altamira, pushing forward together to achieve these goals. Our individual efforts, although important, are not enough. We hope to join forces with other individuals and companies who want to make a difference.