Restoring Values, Restoring Hearts


In Colombia unprivileged families greatly outnumber the upper and middle classes. We have chosen to be agents of change, and strengthen the society and economy of 'Altamira' - an officially unrecognized land in the Atlantic Department of Colombia. This area is home to thousands who fled due to violence and conflict. Fundacion Si Se Puede is here to help the people of Altamira gain their much deserved recognition from a government that neglects them. We believe this is possibly by improving the community through education, mental health, and a strong community.

Helping those in need isn’t only part of our duty but our happiness.
— Jose Marti

We dream of a world with more opportunity where fewer children will see their talents and ambitions go unrealized because of necessity and strife. Empowering children is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Given the necessary hope, guidance and resources to pursue their dreams, children will create a better world for their families and all future generations to enjoy.



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